lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Back to bash.

Hi there, it's been a couple of days since I created this blog, sorry, busy at work. Also I decided to take a break from World Of Warcraft, honestly, Cataclysm is not quite what I expected.
So, with no WoW, I had no pretext to keep running Windows, I switched back to Linux (commie bastard! :D ) after putting some pro's and con's on several distributions, just needed something fast, easy maintenance and before all, pretty, oh hello there Ubuntu!
Actually my first choice was Gentoo, as I intended to keep gaming, but compiling time is what I don't have right now.

Anyways, now I have 11.04, and to contribute, and save you folks some Googling (it took me about 15 minutes) here is a quick guide on how to make Warcraft III work properly with Wine, probably with things you can try with other games.

Installing Wine:

#apt get-install wine (Ubuntu)
$ sudo apt get-install wine (Ubuntu for pussies)
Start menu, Ubuntu software center, search Wine (Ubuntu for n00bs)

Some people configure the apt repository and shit, it's just more work, and I got it working this way too, so do as you please.

Don't be lazy

First of all, most of the people that play/ed DotA or a lot of Warcraft III, know or should know that, W3 is kinda "portable", that means, if you have the complete installation directory copied to another box that doesn't have it installed, it will work too. Well, don't do it, that leaves you with something unstable and having in mind that you are "emulating" an operative system on another totally different operative system to run an unstable copy of a game...I will assume you get the idea.

^ That means get the installer, remember, you can download a pirate copy only if you payed for one before, that means DO NOT DOWNLOAD A COPY FROM THIS LINK (p2p) W3+Frozen Throne@TPB (seeded)

Once you have the installer, just set the executable bit (right click, properties, permissions, allow executing) and execute with wine (.exe should be automatically assigned to wine after installing it)

Configure Wine

By default, Wine shouldn't be configured to emulate a desktop, however check this.
Start menu, wine, configure wine, graphics, uncheck emulate virtual desktop.

Compiz setting

If you have Compiz, open CompizConfig (install it, from synaptic is easier, should be on system, preferences once is installed) in Windows Management tab, activate Windows Rules, and append the following on the "Fullscreen" field:



Now it's time to test, I mostly work on files with terminal, so I don't really know how to run the following from the visual interface, but here's the way I use:

In a terminal run:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Warcraft\ III\ Reign\ of\ Chaos\ \&\ The\ Frozen\ Throne/war3.exe -opengl

Please note that you should modify the path according to your setup, but the important thing is "-opengl" at the end of the command.

Congratz, now you should be enjoying W3 in fullscreen without  non-map-scrolling borders, but if not, please please please pretty please don't ask me for help, lol joking, feel free to ask, but have in mind that I may not be able to help and I do not, DO NOT help people who doesn't know how to ask properly.

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