lunes, 16 de mayo de 2011

So, money uh?

Well, since my last post, everything is the same, well...Almost, I got a 25% raise on my salary :D

That made me realize that I've been spending a lot of money lately, in stuff that I don't need, or at least I don't need one so expensive. Now, thinking about what may be worth saving for, two possible options are at the top of my head, one, is to get the fuck out of my parents house and rent an apartment (I'm 22 btw), and the other is to save a shit load of cash, taking advantage of not having to pay some things (as I am living with my parents).

Evaluating both choices, I think I'm going to take number two, obviously I'll have to deal with my folks for, maybe, another year, but looking ahead, it's pretty much the best shot I have to save that kind of money (talking about 3/4 of my paycheck every month) and most of all, I'll do it to pay for something that is around my thoughts for a long time now, travel.

Oh traveling...Who does not want to spend a couple of months around foreign lands? It is possible that some of you are going like "Duh, get on a plane..." but probably most of you are in a different situation money-wise, for me is like 4$=1US$, soooo there you go.

Anyways that's not the problem, I know I can have the money by this year's end, and even some to keep saving, but it's worth the explanation, why? Because what I might need is some advise, money-wise too, from you guys.

My idea is going to USA, maybe crossing to Canada, or, UK/Europe,  how much money do I need to spend two weeks? Please let me know where are you from (state/city if possible as I may consider a couple of them to visit) and how much money will I spend in one or two weeks there. By the way, I am not going to couchsurf, camp or anything like that, I might stay in a hostel and use cheap transportation.

Oh and here is something that may cheer you up after wasting your time reading:

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  1. first of all, congrats on the raise!! secondly, a week in the US depends on where you want to go and what situation you are in. if you want to go to cali with no place to stay, meaning youre going to have to rent a room, itll be costly. im looking at at least a grand if you want to be in a big city like LA or san francisco. if you have family in wisconsin that you could crash with, then not so much.

  2. Congrats on the raise!

    As far as travel in the US goes, it really does depend on where you go.

    Certain cities have terrible public transportation, or it's not existent at all. It would be cheaper to rent an economical car rather than cab around, in that case.